Top Free Tailwind CSS Job Portal Templates

By TailTemplate Team

What is Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS framework is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs. It is built with consistent, clean, and tidy HTML code makes it easier for you to read and understand the HTML code.

In this post, we will introduce the most popular free job portal templates powered by Tailwind CSS.

Codepen Showcase

This is a simple job portal template made by Bledi Dalipaj on CodePen.


Look4 Job

Responsive job portal UI made with ❤️ with Nuxt.js and tailwindcss.



Found is a Tailwind CSS template/theme designed for job portal/job board. You can use it for job board or job portal.


The End

You can find a lot more free Tailwind CSS job portal templates at TailTemplate. We hope you find this post useful. Sharing is loving. Share this post to reach more people.

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