Tailwindui Vs Flowbite

By TailTemplate Team

TailwindUI vs Flowbite

If you're in the market for a responsive web design framework, you might be considering installing either TailwindUI or Flowbite. While they are both based on CSS, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

There are some differences between the two platforms, but both are great choices for any type of web design project. If you're planning to use both, it's important to decide which one suits your needs best.

Tailwind UI

TailwindUI includes over 100 free components that can be used on your website. It also supports Vue, React, and native HTML.


  • Official components
  • More components comparing to Flowbite
  • React and Vue support


  • It does not come with Figma file.
  • Paid only.


Flowbite is an open-source UI component library based on the Tailwind CSS framework. It includes a Figma design kit that makes it easier to prototype your website before coding. For a more advanced level of customization, you can also use Flowbite's Pro edition, which includes hundreds of developed components.


  • Most of its components are open source
  • It comes with dynamic components such as the datepicker, charts, kanban board.
  • It comes with Figma files.


  • It does not have marketing and e-commerce UI components.
  • It currently does not support React and Vue.

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